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In this puppy group shot from 2007, seven week old Sonic x Badger puppies showed their competitive spirit at an early age. From left to right: Trigger (Angie Smith), Fury (Allison Stroud), Rumble (Karen Erz), and Spirit (Sylvia Olson).  Rumble and Spirit are currently tearing up the racing lanes on Top Dog Racers. Photo by Chris Smith, Agile Images.                        
Wanna play flyball in Region 5?

Flyball is a fun dog sport, as well as a great family sport! Dogs of any breed or mixture can compete. Dogs as tiny as Yorkies, Boston Terriers & Jack Russell Terriers compete amongst Great Danes, Labradors, Border Collies, and everything in between. Your dog does not need to be a purebred dog. Many rescues and dogs obtained at shelters play flyball. Flyball is ideal as a "job" for high drive dogs who need an outlet for their energy. Dogs get lots of exercise, but more importantly, the training involved works their mind as well.

You'll see juniors handling dogs, shagging loose balls & box loading. You'll also see many husband and wife teams and even clubs that are comprised primarily of one family.

Flyball is the only dog competition that is strictly a team event. In flyball competiton, four dogs compete in a team relay race head to head against another team of dogs. All four dogs must jump over four hurdles, trigger a box to get a ball, and then jump over all four jumps on the way back. Dogs on a team pass each other nose to nose at a start line regulated by sensors that automatically flash a light if a dog passes too early. Any mistakes, such as early passes, dropped balls, missed jumps, and the dog has to run again. The first team to finish four dogs cleanly wins! You compete as a member of a flyball club. There are several active flyball clubs to choose from or you can start your own contact the webmaster for information.

So, how do you get started?

  • Attend a flyball tournament to see what it's all about - check out our R5 Calendar
  • Attend a flyball demonstration by a local flyball club.
  • Sign up for a flyball beginner or foundation class with a local flyball club or a training facility that offers flyball classes.
  • Most dogs will need to be at least one year old for a beginning flyball class. Some clubs have foundation puppy classes for younger dogs that do not include strenuous jumping or box work. To play, your dog should be healthy and in shape. Your dog cannot be aggressive to people or dogs. In flyball, dogs that are aggressive endanger everyone running - a dog crossing lanes to attack another dog can cause a severe accident. In competition, a dog that attacks another dog is written up and immediately removed from the tournament. If a dog is written up twice, they are prevented from competing.

    Already have a dog trained in flyball?

  • Contact a local club to join.
  • Check out the Are you Ready? article to see if your dog is ready to compete.
  • Contact NAFA to get your dog a CRN (canine racing number) - one time $20.00 fee (effective 10/1/2007). You can purchase the CRN online & have a number in minutes.
  • Come join in a tournament, see the R5 Calendar.
  • Come see what all the barking's about!!
  • Can you see Flyball right now?
    Sure! It's easy to see flyball in many venues, with many teams by visiting YouTube and searching for FLYBALL!

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