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    CoinJoin is a class of anonymous transaction that helps Bitcoin users continue their solitude while sending Bitcoin. CoinJoin is a multiparty “Bitcoin mixing” annals at the end of which it is unclear who owns which coin.
    Upon the following transactions made at the same things: A purchases an mention from B, C purchases an item from D, and E purchases an piece from F. Without CoinJoin, the popular blockchain ledger would list three sort out transactions by reason of each input-output match.
    With CoinJoin, on the contrary [url=]bitcoin mixer[/url] one single goings-on is recorded. The ledger would present that Bitcoins were paid from A, C, and E addresses to B, D, and F. On masking the deals made by all parties, an viewer cannot with jam-packed definiteness discover who sent Bitcoins to whom.
    While some believe that CoinJoin is a unfamiliar technology, this is not valid. CoinJoin is simply an advancement on already existing technology – Bitcoin. And Bitcoin mixers invoke occasion CoinJoin technology to users.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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