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Who's the Region 5 Cover Dog? Laser of Top Dog Racers. Photo by Kyle Lehrmann.

Region 5 Cover Dog! Laser

        Who's the next Region 5 Cover Dog?
Following the NAFA website's example, Region 5 would like to highlight the canine athletes that race for us! We will regularly change out the pictures on the cover page, "Veterans Database" and "Getting Started" pages. Your photo can be submitted for consideration for the cover, the veterans or the junior handler spots!

And as we're always looking for other flyball pictures, such as venue pictures, candid or audience shots of our spectators, send them on as well! Be sure you have the original photographers permission before you submit it to us.

How to submit your photo?
  • Photo can be GIF, JPG, BMP, PNG
  • Include a brief bio or description of the shot
  • Include your dog's or junior handler's web page (if applicable)
  • Include the name of photographer and be sure to get their permission!
  • Send to Webmaster.
  • TriHard’s Laser - FGDCH Eight year old Laser joined Karen Erz’s family as a fluffy, happy border collie pup (Indy x Divot), and has not stopped smiling since. He is the happiest dog she has ever owned, and he has a wonderful exuberance for life. As much drive as he has, he is also a wonderful pet who can just chill out in the house. Laser has been racing on Top Dog Racers his entire flyball career. A super easy dog to train, he took to flyball immediately. With his very consistent box turn, everyone on the team wants to have him as the dog they have to pass. Photo by Kyle Lehrmann. Visit Dot's team members' web page.

    Getting Started - Future Top Dog Racers: In this puppy group shot from 2007, seven week old Sonic x Badger puppies showed their competitive spirit at an early age. From left to right: Trigger (Angie Smith), Fury (Allison Stroud), Rumble (Karen Erz), and Spirit (Sylvia Olson). Rumble and Spirit are currently tearing up the racing lanes on Top Dog Racers. Photo by Chris Smith, Agile Images.

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