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Possum, 2012 Clyde Moore Hall of Fame Nominee!

        Region 5, Meet our 2012 HOF nominee!!

Possum's nomination letter:
Who would have thought a returned show-puppy, eight months old, having no socialization, no name its only world a kennel, would end up being NAFA's first titled Chinese Crested? After co-worker brought him to find him a home, Robin took the pup in. Watching him cowering at the back of his crate, a whitish furball with teeth, he looked more like a cornered possum -- and the name stuck. But Possum went on to become a star competitor, both in flyball and agility. Overcoming his total lack of socialization, and a broken leg (compliments of his housemate Aussies), he became the first of his breed to play flyball. In addition to Possum, there are only six titled Cresteds. Earning the breed's first four titles, one and five points at a time, Possum was all heart. While not amassing a lot of points, he was a steady height dog for many years for his Texas clubs. Watching him fly down the lanes was always a treat. Unfortunately his career came to an early close when he was injured during racing at Cynosports in 2007. Please consider this pioneer for his breed as you select the Clyde Moore Hall of Fame inductees.

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