Flyball Video Clips

No Speed Limit hosted a flyball tournament on October 30 & 31 2010.  Forty-nine team entered from up and down the east coast.  The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time.  Below are videoclips of our teams.

This is Light Speed.  The team consisted of Danny, Doc, Taffy, Heidi  (not shown are Biskit and Colin)

The second team is Speeding Ticket.  The team consisted of Riz, Thaler, Free and Noah.  (not shown China)

The third team in our lineup is Sonic Boom.  The team consisted of Pesto, Marcie, Ziggy and SciFi (not shown are Jazz and Sequel)

This clip was heat #4 and SciFi earned his FGDCH title during this particular heat.

The final team in our lineup is Reduced Speed.  This team competed in the Veteran Division.  All of the dogs are over 7 years old.  The team consisted of Parker, Scoop, Archie and Missy.  (not shown are Rudy and Kaydee)

No Speed Limit attended CanAm 2011 and they got to race in the final for their division.  Team dogs were Thaler, Pesto, Heidi and Biskit.  Backup dogs were Free and Parker.