Old Team Photos

Betsy, Lynn, Sally J, Janet G
Eunice, Carle Lee

Linda, Don, Richard, Pat, Kathie, Branden, Ginger, Penny, Janet B

Janet G, Billie, Donna, Emily, Mary, Carle Lee, Lauralee

Janet G, Kathie, Betty, Donna, Sue
Mary, Eunice, Donna,
Betsy, Sally Z, Sally J, Carle Lee
Dave, Jackie, Donna, Carle Lee
Mary, Kathie, Lauralee, Carle Lee, Emily, Penny Pat, Janet B, Ginger, Don

Mary, Janet B, Mel, Sally J, Jeff

Lynn, Carle Lee, Donna, Penny, Lucille

Janet G, Deb, Lauralee

Mary, Penny, Sally J, Carle Lee, Janet G
Emily, Branden, Curtie, Eunice

Mike, Betty, Barbara, Doug, Lynn, Mary, Sally Z, Janet G, Sally J, Kathy & Glen, Amy, Eunice, Donna, Janet B, Lauralee, Melissa and who knows who else can be found in this photograph