Our Team

Desireé Westcott – Team Captain

Nova, Pogo, & Cookie Monster say “We want to do gene testing on Mom. She’s always busy “working.” So, is she from a working, sighthound, or hunting breed? We are each in our own camp and can’t agree if she is Kelpie, Schnauzer, or Basenji. Maybe a bit of each? Plus she looks a bit like a sighthound. Maybe a Borzoi or long haired Saluki? Wish we could find a way to earn some money at this flyball thing so we can get her tested!”

Jasmine Westcott
  • Simba
  • Rip (with owner Sandy Thorsen)
  • Liza
  • Joker (retired)
Marilyn Orillion
  • Tony

Tony will be 16 this August. He’s the first Miniature Poodle in Region 5 to reach the Onyx title. Tony retired from flyball in August, 2018 and is loving the life of leisure.

Matt Orillion
  • Megan
  • Anna
  • Nitro (retired)
Tom Scarborough
  • Lucy
Veronica Scarborough
  • Kaiju (in training)
  • Chubb-Chubb (Rainbow Bridge)
David Thorsen
  • Piper
  • Tuff
  • Dr. Doom (in training)
Piper, Tuff, Dr. Doom
Sandy Thorsen
  • Phoenix (in training)
  • Rip (in training)
  • Quinn (Rainbow Bridge)
Merrilee Payne
  • Mercury

Mercury is the daughter of the legendary Region 5 flyball dog Red. Following in her sire’s footsteps, she earned her first five titles in less than six months. Mercury (AKA Little Sh*t) has her FDCH-G and is now racing toward her 5,000 point Flyball Master title!

Jan Meek
  • Sunnie
  • George (in training)

Sunnie (Lost Mule Sunnie Side Up, Flyball Grand Champion, Multi-breed Master Excellent) is 9 years old. Her favorite color is tennis ball yellow. Sunnie hopes to have reached 40,000 points by the time she turns 10 in March of 2020. George (GCH Lost Mule George Blue) belongs to Guy Boul. George wants everybody to know that he much prefers training for flyball to showing in conformation.

Jana Tuchin
  • Chewie (retired)
  • Keeper (on hiatus)