Barkworthy Flyball

Welcome to Barkworthy, where flyball is worth barking about!  Our club was formed in January of 2010, and we are a close-knit group of friends from all over the Houston area (plus a family that is now in Dallas) that love playing flyball with our dogs!!

Barkworthy is registered with the North American Flyball Association in Region 5.  Just about any dog can play flyball, as long as it is in good health and it likes to have fun!  The dogs of Barkworthy are no exception, and they come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds! We practice weekly in the North Houston/Huffman area at a private residence. Each handler takes on the training of his/her own dog(s), with the help of other teammates and their dogs! Training your dog for flyball is a process that not only strengthens the dog/human bond, but it’s just plain fun!

Our dogs run in NAFA Region 5 tournaments, as well as frequent fun trips to play with friends elsewhere in the US such as Regions 6, 14, and 19.  Check out the tournaments link to see where we will be next! Come and meet the fabulous dogs of Barkworthy at our next event.