Hi - my name is Whiskie and I'm a Border Collie (with a bit of Kelpie and Blue Heeler thrown in).  I am 2 years old and I admit it ... I am an addict. I just can't help myself - I am obsessed with tennis balls.  My owner, Pam, got involved with a great group of dogs and people who all love tennis balls too.  It's great that me and Pam are getting help to channel my obsession into something fun.

I was in my first flyball competition in September 2000 at Adelaide and I had a great time - there were dogs running in the lane next to me that I just had to go and say hello to ... I don't think Pam and the other people liked me doing that (they called it interference or something ... I just call it being social).  To stop Pam being depressed I try not to do that too often now.  I get really excited when I hear the lights beeping to start the race but Pam holds me back until it's my turn to race down over the jumps and grab the ball from the box. Sometimes she gives me my frisbee when I get back to her and I enjoy shaking and killing it for a few minutes until we get to race again ... it's ace.

I was a bit nervous of all the other dogs in my team to start with, but now we are all good mates and get to play together lots.  I always know where the best mud hole or puddle is and let the others know so that we can play in them together ... Pam gets really excited when I do that because she barks at me a lot - I think she wants to join in too.

We have two other dogs at home - Kellie is a 9 year old Shepherd/Kelpie cross ... she was about 18 months old when Pam got her from the RSPCA.  I think some people were mean to her before she came to live with Pam.  Kellie likes being boss of all the dogs which is a bit strange for a girl ... not that I'm calling her a bossy bitch (but she is!).  Sometimes Kellie gets a bit rough but I know she really likes me ... deep down.  We are both getting used to the idea of having a youngster in the house ... Jarrah is just a young fluff ball (red and white border collie) and I'd better be nice to him because Jagger and Ginger are his mum and dad and they're my mates.   I think he is going to like chasing tennis balls too when he is old enough to play with us big dogs.

Come over and say hi to me if you see me at a flyball comp or demo - once I've checked you out I'd love to gently sleeze my way into your lap for a cuddle and a lick.

Keep throwing those tennis balls!

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