Tyson retires!

I was born to a mother who was a red kelpie and a father who I never knew, which makes me what people keep saying is a mongrel or cross breed.  I was very lucky that at about eight weeks of age a very nice young girl picked me out of the litter and brought me home to her dad, who had had another dog pass away recently, and she thought he might like another one so he wasnít too upset.  So dad started taking me to school (Croydon & Dist. Obedience Dog Club) and there I started to learn lots of fun things, like chasing other dogs, especially when that horrible lead was taken away, but then dad decided to keep a lead on me for a while so I couldnít run over and say hello to all my friends.  That took about four months, then all of a sudden I was free again, but I did not have the urge to run all over the park, and dad was saying things like heel, drop, stand etc.  (I already knew how to sit).  Dad was very happy with me, that must have meant I was doing the right things, he was walking beside me and looked so happy.

Then a few months went by, after we got our basic obedience certificate we were working oh so good together dad decided we should try some trial work, it was like going to university, all these very smart dogs were there, we had to do lots of heel work on lead (yuk), off lead, sit, drop, stand, and run towards my dad (called a recall), stays and so on, we were very good and dad looked pleased, we eventually got a couple of titles e.g. companion dog, companion dog excellent and also managed to get our agility title in the process which was so much fun, I had to go over jumps, through tunnels, through tyres, walk on planks (dog walk), over spread jumps, on tables, over broad jumps and over a scramble (I loved that one).

Then one day a man came to club and introduced a sport for dogs called "Flyball", it didnít take me long to learn what that was because it involved my favourite toy which is tennis balls.  Flyball is an exercise where you have to jump four hurdles (we learned that in agility) push a pedal and retrieve a tennis ball out of a box and run back over the four hurdles with a ball in my mouth, itís a grouse game. I used to make the crowd laugh because I went so fast towards the box, sit there for up to a minute and finally pushed the pedal, catch the ball and return over the jumps and run back to my dad, I think that is why I was asked to join the Pal Superdogs team because I was so funny with the flyball, we were doing lots of demonstrations all over the place with Croydon dog obedience club and Pal Superdogs.

But I loved flyball the most, me and my dad did that for about eight or nine years, the last three years have been competitions and we got some more titles i.e flyball and flyball dog excellent, and we have accumulated 300pts, but unfortunately time has passed me by and arthritis is now setting in in my hips and legs, and I can no longer do what I love to do and that is flyball.
I am now over twelve years old and that apparently is 84 in human years, not bad for an old dog.  I now have to retire from flyball, my body has said it is time, but I wish all my mates the very best in flyballing.

        Your mate Tyson CDX AD FDX
            And dad Eric van Zuyden.

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