Tyson is an 11 year old Kelpie X handled by Eric van Zuyden. He has been doing flyball for about 8 or 9 years, starting with the arm style box and being the clown during demonstrations. Tyson used to run fast to the box and suddenly sit and stop at the box and lightly put his foot on the pedal for 30 seconds to 1 minute and only release the ball after he put his second foot on it. The crowd would always go into hysterics. Tyson is now the veteran of the team and supposedly only an emergency dog. But, he always seems to be running because we seem to be always a dog short. Tyson also has his Companion Dog Excellent obedience title and his Agility Dog agility title. He has achieved his Flyball Dog Excellent title. Tyson was a part of the PAL Superdog team for a number of years from which he has now retired. It is a pleasure to have known and worked with him.

Tyson has now retired from flyball.

Steve Pitt, honorary member of the Rockets, with Tyson.

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