Croydon Rockets Flyball Team
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The Croydon Rockets Flyball Team is part of the Croydon and District Obedience Dog Club (CDODC), in Croydon, Victoria, Australia.  The club, which holds classes on Sunday morning at the Silcock Reserve in Croydon, teaches obedience and agility as well as flyball.  To become involved in flyball at Croydon, the club requires that dogs has passed the basic obedience course (Basic 2) and is over 12 months of age.

If you are already a member of CDODC, and would like to find out more about flyball, come up and talk to Brett (Croydon's flyball instructor) on Sunday morning.  (If we're not there one week, we may be off representing the club in Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney, .....).  Even if your dog hasn't completed its basic obedience course or is too young, we can still suggest things you can do at home that will help when you do begin.  Once a dog has learned the fundamentals of flyball, we usually invite them to 'team' training sessions held at other times of the week.

We have a number of information sheets:

There is a great deal of information on flyball on the world wide web - see our list of links.

For Croydon team members, see our page of  Team Announcements for announcements and updates on training times.

For information about the Croydon Rockets, contact
Brett Ironmonger on 0401 781 157

For queries about Croydon & District Obedience Dog Club, including puppies, obedience and agility, see 
Croydon and District Obedience Dog Club

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