Gidday I'm Toby, but you can call me "THE TOBINATOR", that is what my brother (the human kind) Ricky and his Chick (Amanda) call me! They think I am going to be a real fast "Little Man" once I start racing for the Rockets. Mum thinks so too, but in the beginning she wasn't so sure, but all that secret coaching Lexi has given me is starting to pay off. Lexi is Amanda's little girl and she already races for the Rockets, actually it was her that first got me interested in flyball. I might just be the smallest Rocket "Man" racing for Croydon but I will race my little legs off to get back to Amanda and play with that tugg toy. Don't tell Ricky but I really LOVE Amanda.

I have only just finished the flyball class but now that I am attending team training I am getting very excited about racing. Amanda and Mum have taken me to a few demos and boy is that fun!! I don't know why but all the little kids that watch seem to want me to win, Mum thinks it is because I am so little but I just think it is my natural good looks.

I had better go now I think I just heard Amanda's car in the driveway and my girlfriend Jemma might be with her…………………………, out the way Mum!!!!

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