Congratulations to Taffie for winning the 1999/2000 DOG  OF THE YEAR award!

Hi, my name is Taffie. I'm a yellow labrador who's nearly four years old, at least my parents were told I was a labrador when they found me, but I think my doggie dad or grandad might have been a Golden Retriever. I first started to play flyball towards the end of 1997 and boy was that fun. After only a couple of weeks of running and jumping my new playmates invited me to take a long car trip to a place called Canberra. I was told I was to run in the open division which meant I was going to be off my lead. I saw some owners that had to run with their dog and that didn't look like much fun. Finally it was my turn to play. This was going to be great and I wanted everyone to know; so I told them, lots. I ran and ran and jumped every now and again, not as often as dad wanted me to. I met new friends from other teams, I even swapped balls and sometimes just took them straight out of their ball holding machine. I think dad was getting a little frustrated with me. For some reason after that trip dad began to run with me a lot. I think he wanted to play as well. After what seemed like months I was invited back to play. It was during this time that I realised that it was much more fun to beat the dog in the lane next to me. Dad seemed to be a lot happier, too. I have now been running with my friends in the Croydon Rockets for a few years now. We were the 1999 and 2002 National Australian Champions in Division One.  I recently earned my Flyball Master Excellent title. I hope to continue to play flyball for many more years.

Richard & Kirstie (Taffies Mum and Dad)
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