Flyball: surviving as a team
by Pam Atkinson

When I got involved in flyball, I thought that when my border collie X, Whiskie, was consistently doing a complete run down to the box and bringing the ball back over all the jumps that we had made it.  I then discovered the next stage to flyball was for handler and dog to get used to working with the other dogs and handlers, to time the starts and to tighten up on crossovers.  When we got our act together as a team I had thought again that we had finally made it.

Over the past year, however, I have discovered another critical aspect to flyball is to survive the various personalities and opinions of a team.  Listening to the experiences of other clubs I see the same challenge: how do we hang in there together when frustration, conflict, and strong opinions clash in the midst of team selection, racing order, and resolving problems?

I am proud to be part of the Croydon Rockets and the fact that we have worked hard to deal with the broad opinions and personalities that make up our teams.  Some of the lessons that we have learned that might be helpful to others are as follows:


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