Congratulations to Scout for winning the 1999/2000 BITCH OF THE YEAR award!

Hi, my name is Scout. I am 9 years old and I am a little black dog (with more and more grey). Mum bought me for $40 at a market. They said I was a Beagle x Fox Terrier!! I don't think so. I am mum's first dog that she has trained. I have my CDX, ADM, ET and FM titles. When I first started flyball with a demonstration team, they made me jump 17'' (my jump height is 11'') and they used the old arm style box. With the Rockets we used a new box from England. I loved it. I actually caught the ball. Mum was very proud of me. I ran last in our team line-up, as I was a bit paranoid of having a dog run after me. Once I was returning with the ball, a newer Rockets member was entering the run, in practice. He thought my ball was his. I didn't see him coming. When you are hit in the side by a 35kg+ dog, running full pelt, and you are only 9kg, you feel it. Anyway, that was a long time ago. All is forgiven but not forgotten. I ran past that dog in our team for ages, he learned to get out of my way and I gave him a growl every now and then to remind him to stay out of my way. The thing I love more than flyball is FOOD. I will eat anything and I mean anything! If someone leaves food lying around then I will eat it. Mum gets a bit embarrassed when I do that at demonstrations.  Now I have retired from flyball to do other things.  Mum has started my training for Utility trials and I am also going to do more agility trials with mum. Mum's daughter, Darcey, takes me to agility training and hopefully is going to take me to agility trials soon.

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