Woof, woof (hello, hello). 

My name is Rowdy. I was born in Woodend in Oct 2001. I met my master, Jez, when I was only 4 days old. Oh, yes, they say I am a large staffy (all muscle).

Although Jez is my master, his Mum, Lyn, is definitely the boss. I love her heaps because she has been taking me to doggy school (Croydon) for nearly 2 years. 

I am now a "New Age Flyball Dog In Training". It's soooooo much fun - I can't resist that ball!
I have learnt: 

I hope I can successfully put together everything I've learnt and become a Rocket flyball dog.  All of this I owe to my trainers Cathy, Penny, Eric and Paul.

Thanks heaps,
from Rowdy Man Doo Bag Cutajar

PS. I barrack for the Pies as I am named after Gavin Brown but I love tennis balls the most. 

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