Hi - my name is Roley, I was born in August 1997 and I'm a Basset Hound cross with a Jack Russell! I don't know why but Maggie always puts her hand over her face and mutters something about "that must have been interesting" when she tells people about me

Despite my "stretched" back and short "Queen Anne" legs I love to run and especially love flyball. I love to chase balls, swim in the river and Maggie and me spend lots of time at the Lilydale lake playing chasey. I take her for a walk every morning and we're a real team. We usually walk first to the paper shop where I get two big biscuits from the lady in the shop, then Maggie always says that she must stop and have this thing with a funny name called "cuppaccino" (I get to have a little bit sometimes and I really like it). While Maggie's having her "cuppaccino" I have to sit really quiet, which I find very, very hard to do. A lady at the coffee shop always comes over and gives me lots of yummie biscuits. Maggie keeps talking about some horrible thing called a diet! Then it's my turn, and Maggie and me run and play, chase balls (me that is, not her) and have a great old time together.

I started in my first flyball competition this year as a height dog and went really well over the jumps to get the ball. Being a really smart dog, I decided I could get back quicker if I didn't go over the jumps….I don't think Maggie was too impressed though. Since I didn't get any treats for being clever I've decided to be like all the other dogs and come back over the jumps.

Maggie always does this running forward and backwards thing before every race and says its to warm up my muscles before I race because I only have three good legs really. When people laugh or stare at us she tells me not to worry and take no notice. It has something to do with damaging the growing plate in my front leg when I was a little tacker and my right front leg is crooked and shorter than the other…….she always says that it is what's inside that really counts. I hope she means more food!!

I really love piling into the car with Maggie and going flyball racing and look forward to catching up with all my doggy friends at flyball.


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