Hello, I am the little brother of Guinness.  I am also a Labrador Retriever and I am yellow (not gold) in colour.  My first Mum gave me the official name of “Simballoch Ambassador” and I am a real snob.  I like nothing more than to sit up straight with my nose in the air.

My grandma gave me the name of “Quigley”.  You may think it is a little bit of a strange name, but who cares.  I think that it suits me.  (Did you see “Ballykissangel” on the TV?  Well, Brian Quigley was a rogue of a character, a bit like a labrador puppy.)  I do however get called a lot of other things, with the most frequent being “Squiggly Wiggly” because I can never sit still (except when I have my nose in the air!).

I went to my first flyball competition at the age of 10 weeks.  After a 10 hour drive in the car, I watched Guinness and the other Croydon Rockets have a lot of fun.

I don’t play flyball yet, as I am still a baby (I was born on 10 September 1999) and can’t concentrate.  I spot a friend on the oval and I am off to say “hello” and catch up on the news.  It is at this time that I develop deafness and my Mum has to come and get me and then I think that flyball isn’t nearly as much fun and don’t want to play anymore.

I also frustrate Eric (the big Flyball boss) as I really am not interested in the ball in the box.  I will chase the ball and I will bring it back and I LOVE the jumps, but I can’t seem to cotton on to the rest of the game.  Eric puts the ball in the box and I run up to him and say hello and want a cuddle.  They all say that I will learn, but I am not so sure.

I was hoping that they could change the rules so that I could do all the running and jumping, and my brother Guinness can get the ball out of the box (that would save him running on his gammy leg).  I think that would be a much better game.

The other problem that I have is the permanent risk of being dog-napped by Richard and Kirstie.  I wouldn’t mind playing with Taffie for a while, but if I am ever missing my Mum will know where to look first.  Mind you, I am not sure why they want me.  It is not because I can play Flyball!!  It must be because I am so handsome.

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