Hi! My name is "Oscar", I am a 19mth old Bull Terrier x and built like a Greyhound or Whippet, a very friendly and lovable dog, I think anyway. My name really should be "Lucky", because after being found wandering the streets for a little while, I was picked out of all these other dogs at a home for dogs, where if you are not picked out by a human, you could end up on death row, in other words lucky to be alive, I really shudder at the thought of what could have been. I now live in a home with four other doggie friends in "Jagger", Ginger", "Tyson" and "Zoe", I really love my home and my friends, I get to play with lots of other friends too. What I reeeally looove is flyball, I think you all know what that is without me explaining it too much, but it is a game of chasing and retrieving tennis balls, I just looove tennis balls and I get to play lots. We go to lots of other places by car and do competitions and demonstrations all over, my human keeps telling me that I now have an FDX title, I am not sure what that means but it must be good because he tells me so. I reeeaally can't wait to do some more competitions or demo's because I can see all my friends again, I live to really look forward to that all the time. See you all again soon! Cheers, Oscar.


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