Hi, my name is Lexi "THE POCKET ROCKET", I'm a Jack Russell X Kelpie, and I am so excited because finally I am a real Flyball Dog, which in doggy talk means I can join in all the noise and racing. I live with Mum and Dad and my Big Red Hairy Sister Jemma. Jemma used to play flyball but now she is helping teach the new dogs how to run, which is very important.

Don't let my size fool you, I am really big, well at least I think so. Mum says I run really fast and I am a great height dog. Flyball is just the best fun, but I also love playing chasey with Jemma (I try and catch her tongue which hangs out when she runs), sleeping on Jemma and just plain JEMMA. My other best friend Toby (Jack Russell) is fun to play with as well, he sometimes has sleep overs at our house and I tell him all about Flyball. When I told him all about it he was pretty keen to learn so my Mum is took him to flyball class so he could learn to play. He is learning fast (I think my coaching is helping him), and he can't wait to get out there and show everyone what his little legs can do.

I have made lots of friends through Flyball, and I especially love the Red Boys (Border Collies). When we have flyball sleep overs interstate try to stay in the room with Ricky and Jeddah, and Ricky and I play on the bed. Don't tell Jeddah but I think Ricky likes me!

If you see me around come and say "Hi", I promise I'll give you a big kiss on the nose if you pick me up so I can reach. But you will have to wait until the racing stops because nothing will get in my way when it comes to flyball. Oh yeh, you might want to block your ears when I am anywhere near the flyball ring. Mum always tells me off for making so much noise but I can't help it, I am having too much fun!!!

See ya.


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