The Croydon Rocket Launchers
The Croydon Rocket Launchers were the top team of the Croydon Rockets between mid-1998 and mid 2000. The team consisted of the following four dogs (in running order):- Jeddah (handled by Cathy Trudinger), Jagger (handled by Eric van Zuyden), Taffie (handled by Richard Law) and Scout (handled by Samantha Marchesani). Kirstie Law was the box loader and Darcey Marchesani the ball collector. Both Jeddah and Scout are required to jump 11 inches. The Launchers won the Australian National Championships in June 1999 in Albury. They also hold the current Australian record (verified by the AFA) of 19.91 secs. This record was set in October 1999 at the Prom `paddock' Challenge, at Welshpool, Victoria, in a sheep paddock!  (No, not all Australian competitions are held under such conditions). The Launchers best time in competition (not verified on video) is 19.57 secs, and they are the first, and currently only, Australian team to have run under 20 seconds in competition.  The Launchers won the AFA TEAM OF THE YEAR award for 1999/2000.

All four dogs in the team wear flyball racing harnesses made by Black Dog Wear (contact Warren at for information about Black Dog Wear).

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