Hi, I'm Klay and as you can see I am a red and white Border Collie and as far as Borders go, I am not quite the "normal" one. I am fairly quiet, intense and become quite the stress head when my mum is not around. However, if you ever come across me in the Flyball ring, I am totally different. I just love to play Flyball and get so excited when my harness is put on. If you watch me carefully, you can see the frown on my face from concentrating, but I am really enjoying myself. 

My brothers are all involved in Flyball also - Buddy has retired, Oakley has just started competing and Phoenix is in training. When I am not playing Flyball, I enjoy running in the park with my brothers and I especially like to chase Oakley. I also like to chase the swallows and have had a go at sheep herding, which is great fun. We live near the beach so for most of the year I smell like a mermaid as I just love to swim.


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