Hi, my name is Josh. As you can see I am a red and white Border Collie. I have been competing at flyball comps and doing flyball demos for about 2 years now. I am obsessed with those round green things, humans call tennis balls, and I don't care whether or not we are competing or practising, I just LOVE flyball. My doggy dad, Jagger and doggy mum Ginger also do flyball, but they've had lots more practice than me, of course, as they are older. My sister Ruby is still training as she waited and had some pups first, and will join me when she is ready. I train and compete with Croydon Rockets. I live in Mooroolbark with my human parents, Anne and Geoff, my older brother Brocky, a Golden Retriever and my niece, Maggie Mae (Ruby's first pup). Even though Brocky is older, I like to keep an eye on him when we are out, cause he tends to wander when finding different smells. I couldn't lose Maggie if I tried as she tends to hang on to me. I also like to keep an eye on Anne and Geoff cause they spoil us and I wouldn't want to lose them. Hope to see you at a comp one day very soon.
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