Hi, my name is Jessie. I am a stumpy leg Jack Russell (15 months) and have been doing flyball training since November 2002.

I have 2 brothers - Al (maltese, 5 years) and Spike (cockateal, 1 year) and 1 sister, Angel (cat, 8 months).  I enjoy playing with Angel, as we often play chasy.  Al and I enjoy playing tug-of-war and going for walks. I am a bit scared of Spike when he comes out of his cage because he chases me but I am getting used to him. My best friend is Oscar and I have known him since 12 weeks old. Oscar is also training for flyball so we get to play chasy during training (when we're allowed). I also have other playmates and we enjoy playing, especially on the beach. You may be able to recognise them in the beach photo.

My mummy wants me to do single strides between jumps, which I can do at 8 feet apart but 10 feet is just a little too big!!!

My first 'big flyball event', about which I am a little nervous but also very excited, will be the "Pet Expo" in January/February 2003.


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