Hi, my name is Jemma and I'm an Irish (Red) Setter. I live with my Human Mum and Dad and my new bestest friend Lexi, my other best friend Maggie had to go away and Mum and I were very sad but Lexi soon changed all that. Now I have a new friend to run and play with all the time, and sometimes she even makes me tired, something Mum thought would never happen.

I have to be the most crazy dog when it comes to balls (that's what Mum says), I just can't get enough of them. I love Flyball, especially the training part, I get to run, play with balls and almost best of all I get to see all my friends. I am very good looking, well that is what Jagger, Astro, Willie and the rest of the boys tell me every week at training, if it was up to those boys I think they would all want to be in my team. I am still not all that keen on competitions but Mum is hoping that will change once I see my little sister flying over the hurdles. When Lexi gets to run at competitions Mum says we can go interstate, I can't wait for that because I'll get to have sleepovers with all my friends.

If you see me around please come and give me a pat, I'll let you!!!

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