Iím not the little fluff butt that I used to be Ö now Iím a big 11-month old fluff butt weighing in around 22kgs and a bit bigger than my dad, Jagger.  Everyone keeps telling Pam how big I am Ė as if she didnít know! Maybe the fact that I am twice the size of my litter mates is because I used to hog the dinner bowl when we were pups, but Ruby and Josh (my sister and brother) donít hold that against me when we see each other each week at dog school.  We go ballistic when we see each other!

I used to be a disaster at dog school because I could hear the flyball box going off and see the dogs racing Ė Pam used to get really embarrassed when I would throw tantrums in class.  Itís in my blood Ė I hear that box trigger and just know that my mates need help in killing that dreaded thing Ö Iíve seen them take their turn to run down and bite at the box.  One day weíll kill it proper (Pam doesnít seem to agree with my approach for some reason).  Pam reckons I have to learn to do the obedience stuff first before I can do flyball Ė bummer! (that could take a while!).

My idea of doggie heaven is running on the beach, chasing tennis balls, and getting lots of cuddles.  I still love playing with my mum (Ginger) but dad (Jagger) and uncle Tyson arenít so keen Ė Iíll keep on trying though.  Now that I am growing up my dad sometimes looks a bit worried about having another strapping handsome male dog around.  They reckon Iím a ďchip off the old blockĒ and I look/act like dad too.   My mum is going to have another litter of pups soon Ė Iíll have lots more red and white border collie friends to play with!  Canít wait to teach them all the great things Iíve learned!


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