Congratulations to Jagger for winning the 2000/2001 DOG  OF THE YEAR award!
First dog in Australia to earn FMX (10,000 points)

Hello, my name is Jagger (Kardella Erik The Red) and I am a red & white Border Collie and already I am 7yrs old, most people say I am beautiful or gorgeous, I can understand that because I know I am. My favourite game is playing Flyball, I just looove flyball, been doing it for 5 years now and have just achieved my FMCH (Flyball Master Champion) title for which you have to accumulate 15,000 pts. I also won Flyball Dog of the Year 2000/01 which was a huge thrill for my dad and me. Flyball is such a fun sport and I can play with lots of my friends especially white Buddy, we bark at each other and psyche each other up as we are about to race. My girl Ginger also plays flyball but she isn’t quite as fast as me. We have had lots of kids together and soon there will be lots more red and white border collies doing flyball, that should be fun. At the moment I race for either the Croydon Rocket Scientists or the Croydon Rocket Secret Weapons depending on where I am needed, these are the two fastest flyball racing teams in Australia. I am still a current member of the Pal Superdog team, and am a ‘Pets as Therapy’ dog, I used to love cuddling up to the senior citizens in a variety of nursing homes and also featured on a T.V. commercial and on a poster with Leyton Hewitt (world no.1 tennis player) advertising NIKE. My dad thinks I am the greatest thing since sliced bread and I happen to agree with him.

Jagger and Taffie practising crossovers
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