Hi, my official name is “Ballydoon He's a Gossip” but my Mum calls me “Guinness” or just “Guinni” for short (usually when I am being told off for licking my feet!!).  I am a Labrador Retriever and if you hadn’t guessed by the name, I am black.

As my official name says, I am a bit of a gossip.  There is nothing that I like better than telling “stories” to my friends.  Mind you, sometimes they think that I am growling at them and they back off from the big black dog.  They soon realise that I am a real softy.

I share the house with my little brother, Quigley, as well as “Tincka”, “Kaspa” and “Mishka” (the cats) and an aviary complete with budgies, finches, a quail and my other friend, “Rupert” the rabbit.

I played Flyball for over 2 years and I literally had a ball.  I wasn't fast (in fact I could be quite slow) but I was usually reliable and the only thing that mattered was that I enjoyed myself and I had a great time.  I personally believe that every team needs to have a clown and I have been it on more than one occasion.

One episode was at the Royal Melbourne Show where my Mum was judging so she put me in the capable hands of Sandra so that I could join in the fun.  (Thanks Sandra!)  Mum kept hiding when it was my turn so that I didn’t see her and come over and say “hello”.  She thought that she was so clever!!!  Well, I know her perfume and as I came over that jump I caught a wiff and there she was hiding on the stage.  I’m not sure why, but they didn’t let me have another turn after that.

I said earlier that I am quite slow (well, I usually run about 6.5 seconds).  Don’t laugh, remember flyball is the sport for ANY dog.  I have entered “fastest dog” for a laugh and come last, but the ultimate is when I get to race with Tyson and attempt to get the pairs prize for “slowest pair”.

Talking of Tyson, he is one of my best friends at flyball.  We used to “talk” to each other at the start line and encourage each other to do well (in my case sometimes just to get to the other end, get the ball and get back when I am tired at the end of a long day).  I got a little confused when I raced against him and kept glancing across to make sure he is still there.

The highlight of my Flyball career (I get paid in dog food) was going to the Queanbeyan Show in 1998 and earning my first (and only on the day) Flyball title point.  My Mum didn’t think that I would even get to FD but I showed her and a few other people.  I also got my FDX and am only a whisker away from FDCh. I have had fun and my Mum has made a lot of friends and that is what it is all about.

Guinness and Quigley
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