Hello, my name is Ginger (Camwyn Mytawny Glow), and am a red & white border collie and love playing flyball, but dislike other dogs smelling at my bottom. I currently hold an ET (endurance test) title and an AFCH (Australian flyball champion) title. I had my first flyball competition at the age of 13 mths at the Nationals in June 1999, and ever since then have had the flyball bug just like the rest of my friends, and it is great fun, but I think the best part is running back to my dad and tugging onto my tug toy. I also like going to the beach and go swimming and running with my housemates Jagger, Tyson and Zoe, and oh I had better not forget white Buddy and Klay (my baby), they're fun. I especially like kissing Tyson (heís old but I like him) but I donít think Jagger likes that much, I can tell because he struts around him with his tail up being bossy. All in all, flyball is the best game and I wouldnít swap it for all the tea in China, we even get to run around and socialize with all the other dogs to make sure nobody gets grumpy. I donít think it will be long before we will see some of my kids into flyball as well, I have had 11 of them with my boy Jagger, and all beautiful kids. Well, to all you dogs out there stuck in your back yards being bored and naughty, flyball is just the best, talk to your mum or dad and get them to take you to school and see a man called Eric or two beautiful ladies called Penny or Cathy in the middle of the oval at the flyball ring and your life will change forever.

Happy flyballing.

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