Congratulations to Ezri for winning the 2003/2004 BITCH OF THE YEAR award!

Hi. I'm Ezri and I am a working Border Collie and the daughter of Astro. Astro and I are probably the only father/daughter flyball dogs with father/daughter handlers. We both race in the Croydon Rocket Scientists team. Our team are also the current Australian National Champions. However we can run faster and hope to break the Australian record again which we held for a number of years. In training we have run under 18 secs but need to get it all together in a competition. I am totally crazy about Flyball and will not shut up once I see the lanes being set up. I have been competing now for nearly four years and have achieved my Onyx title for gaining 20,000 points. I have to thank my other team members for being pretty good and getting plenty of points. Together we have won lots of competitions both in Victoria and interstate. I love travelling to Flyball competitions (and anywhere else for that matter) and put up with being in a crate between events. After a heat, I love to jump into the team's swimming pool to cool down. After a competition, I really enjoy running around with the other dogs especially along a beach where there are hopefully tennis balls being thrown around. I now enjoy getting wet when going after a ball and running through the water although I was a bit timid at first preferring to guard the clothes. At home I live with Zac who plays with me and Astro comes to visit a lot. I have also done some sheepdog training for a weekend down at Welshpool and it was really great although very, very muddy and wet. I did pretty well because all of my ancestors were sheepdogs and I like running around in circles. I also got to round up cows but kept a fair distance from them because they can kick. Anyway I am now looking forward to the next Flyball competition or going for a run or eating or maybe just having a sleep.

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