I can't remember much about my early months somehow at around 6 months old I ended up in the pound and after 8 days my family hadn't come for me. Pam was going along the adoption kennels giving all us inmates a pat and a yummy treat. When she came to my pen I thought she looked friendly so I snuggled into her lap, looked up at her with my big brown eyes, and put my paw up on her leg. For some reason she decided that maybe having 3 dogs would be OK after all and took me home.

Jarrah, a very handsome red & white border collie, and I hit it off from the start and spend the day playing together and chasing each other. He is my hero even though he is a sloppy drinker and I sometimes have to help clean him up and even floss his teeth. Whiskie, a border collie x kelpie, took longer to accept that I was part of the family but now we get on really well especially when she puts her foot on my head and I get to lie down and be submissive.

I love playing and can't help myself from coming back for more and more and more. That's why Pam called me Bungee. I'm also good at bouncing off things Pam wasn't so keen when I discovered I could bounce off the top of the kennels into the fernery the green things in those pots are great to toss into the air, sneak up on and attack.

Best of all, I have been able to go along to Croydon Dog Club, make lots of new friends (and I know that every dog and person can't wait to be my friend!), and discover all sorts of new ways to please Pam. The heeling stuff was good fun but now I have started something even better it's called "flyball". I haven't figured it all out yet but it seems to have something to do with tug toys, running, jumps and tennis balls main thing is that I have an ace time with my best mates, Maggie, Lexy, Rusha, Ruby, and Brandy. Whiskie says she knows all about flyball and is going to give me some hints once I get ready to go to competitions whatever they are.

Anyway, thanks for being my friend (even though I haven't met you yet) and do come and check out flyball for yourself. Life is just so full of good things!

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