On Saturday 2nd October 1999, as I was playing with my mother and my nine brothers and sisters, 4 big people came and started mingling with us.

My brothers and sisters started playing: I watched.  Suddenly I was picked up, fussed over, told I was timid and before I knew what was happening: my life began.

My new Mum lay down the law and ensured that I was well fed, had plenty of bones, lots of walking, running, swimming and playing at the creek.

On special days we went to this big place with lots of other dogs and instead of playing I had to sit, stay, come "of course I come to Mum".  Worst of all was heel.  Why do I have to stay so close to Mum when there is so much fun about?

Then I noticed these dogs running, jumping and playing with a ball.  They were having FUN.  Mum took me over to watch.  I wanted to join in the fun but Mum said I have to pass this special test.  "I can pass any test I want to".

After passing I was allowed to meet all these nice people, run, jump, get a ball and then run back to Mum who has the tug-of-war game with her.

Now that I can play this game really well and fast, Mum and all our friends go to these special places where lots of people watch me run, jump and fetch a ball.

Mum calls this game flyball.

I call this fun.


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