Hi there,
My name is Buddy and apparently I am what is known as a ďcross- breedĒ. I am actually a Border collie X kelpie. My mother thinks that I inherited the excitability of both breeds exaggerated by 10,000, but what can I say, I just love life to the fullest and canít help but wiggle and squiggle my whole body every time someone gives me the slightest bit of eye contact!
I was so naughty as a youngster that Mum was thinking of banishing me to the backyard for the rest of my natural life when she decided to give Flyball a go at dog club, and to her amazement (I new it would be easy, thereís a tennis ball involved!) I got it almost straight away and Eric (gee I love him), said that I should keep coming as I was pretty good at it. Well, Mum was so shocked that someone actually said something good about me that she kept taking me! Now we both love it and I have become a reliable dog, (that means I donít make many mistakes) and we have both made some really great friends, (Ginger is my girlfriend, please donít tell Jagger).
Iíve been playing Flyball for just over 3 years now and canít think of anything better to do, (other than running on the beach with my friends). Mum and me get to ď travel all over the country sideĒ to compete, and now my little brother Klay comes along.
When Iím home, I love chasing birds, playing with Klay and watching for Mum to come home from work. Then Iím really at my happiest.
Come say hi some time, I promise to give you a great big lick!!!
See ya,

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