Hi. My name is Bosco (Boss for short), I am a Border Collie X Kelpie and my mum is always telling me how beautiful I am. I love Flyball and all the attention and praise that comes with it. I am absolutely ball crazy and will run for them until I drop. Come to think of it, I am crazy about anything that I can pick up! I'm constantly dropping all kinds of objects at my mum and dads, softdrink bottles, sticks, socks! I enjoy a challenge and sometimes when I go the park I can be found attempting to drag a 2 meter long log that I've found somewhere, in the hope that someone will throw it for me.

Every Sunday after training I get to go to the farm where I chase the car up the long driveway, play with the goat, roll in cow dung, sit in puddles and herd up the horses and cows. I love herding things and will run circles around anything that moves including cars, tractors, motorbikes, cows, horses, and that pesky goat!... That goat really packs a head butt!

I've always been kind of timid, and Flyball has been a great opportunity for me to let my hair down and have heaps of fun with other dogs. I also enjoy quiet time, lying on my back on the couch with 4 legs in the air, and getting petted to sleep.

I am happiest when I am with both my mum and dad, and I can tell they love me very much. I think they enjoy Flyball just as much as I do!

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