Congratulations to Astro for winning the 2003/2004 DOG  OF THE YEAR award!

Astro is a Border Collie from working dog stock, and work he does but not by rounding up sheep. Astro is actually an Assistance Dog. He helps his mum Wendy who is in an Electric Wheelchair with many day to day activities. His Duties include picking up items off the floor or out of reach, helping mum into bed and then turning off the lights and then on again in the morning and by helping pressing the buttons at road crossing amongst other things. Astro travels with his mum everywhere that she goes and wears a little backpack to hold all of the things she needs. 

But all work and no play makes Astro a dull boy. That's why he absolutely loves Flyball (almost as much as he loves his mum). Astro also enjoys playing with his soft toys and anything that involves a tennis ball. After racing in Flyball Astro always likes to have a swim in a pool to cool down. 

At home, Astro also enjoys playing with Willow, a red & white border collie who does flyball with the Bellarine Bandits. Sometimes Astro has to compete against his housemate which makes it hard for his Mum Wendy. 

Astro is recognised as one of the fastest Flyball dogs in Australia and his best recorded time is 4.03 secs at a competition although he is a little slower now. He is a member of the Croydon Rocket Scientists who are currently the Australian National Champions.


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