Hi There, My name is Al, but I am also known as Alaweenie and Cheenie and I am a five year old Maltese. 

Mum and I have been on the sidelines of flyball for ages now watching my younger sister Jessie learning to do it, so we decided to give it a go as I love tennis balls too. Mum was a bit worried that I wouldn't do it properly because I really do prefer to play by myself with the ball. I just love to throw it up in the air and chase it!!! Anyway, we started a flyball class (we are the first ones to go through the class) and I am doing really well!! I am even retrieving the ball over the jumps and bringing straight back to Mum. She was really shocked when I did this! I will probably be running before Jessie does - she has problems with distractions, but has managed to get 2 points! 

I also have another three sister and a brother. Indigo the Border Collie - a little puppy upstart! Angel and Casper the cats and Spike the bird. We are also living at Aunty Penny's for a while, so I have to share a house with Charlie the cat, Buddy, Klay and Oakley - another puppy upstart. So as you can imagine, it is quite a noisy life for a little Maltese who would really just prefer to play by himself all day, but they always interfere! 

Anyway, I better go as I think we are on our way to our park, Oakley is singing at the back door and I don't want to be left behind. See ya, Al.

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