Hi, Kippy's me name and Flyball's me game, its the best thing since dried dog food.  I just can't wait for practices, demos or comps, doesn't matter which.   A bit about myself, I was born in the high country at Mansfield, of dubious parentage but think one was a Jack Russell and the other a Kelpie, a bit of Norfolk Terrier in there somewhere too. I am mainly black with tan points and a dash of white under my throat, weigh 11 kg.
  Mum introduced me to Eric one morning at Croydon Obedience Dog Club after my lessons and he was impressed with my focus on a tennis ball. Things just escalated from there on and we both got "sucked" in to this wonderful game. One day I hope to be as good as our top dogs Jeddah, Astro, Jagger, Buddy, Taffie and the rest who make up the team, but think I need a lot more practice.

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