Sheila wasn’t the best flyball dog in the world.  In fact it took 5 years of training before she ever competed.   I was once told that Sheila wasn’t dumb, she just had different priorities.  She wanted to cuddle and play with her stuffed toys and I wanted her to play flyball.  It wasn’t until one of her stuffed toys was put in the ball holder that Sheila discovered that flyball could be fun. 

Sheila usually ran on the slowest team.  Her job was to run fast enough so that the 1 point team could become a 5 point team.  She did a fine job but this resulted in her earning titles at a much slower rate.  It took Sheila a year to earn her FDCH and five more years to earn her FM. 

Sheila retired after 6 years of racing.  She died at the age of 13 from cancer.