Mom’s writeup:

Noah came to me as a terrified rescue.  Everything was dangerous; doors, loud noises, cars, people, the training building and voices above a whisper.   He went to his kennel for comfort.  Emily spent hours coaching him to retrieve a ball, come to a treat and play with her.  His was a successful member of the competition team, but it was a very long road for Emily to get him there.  His favorite sports at home were stealing toys from the toy box and hiding them in his “house”.  Outside he splashed water by slapping his front paws from the steps of the pool and from the top of the pool cover.  He did not like to swim and did in only by accident.

Emily’s writeup:

Noah was a border collie rescue.  He is very shy and the sweetest dog.  After the first year, he opened up to people.  I don’t know why he has one blue and one brown eye, but it makes him very unique.