Keeper was born knowing how to do a box turn.   In the picture shown, Keeper is practicing her box turn.  She is 5 months old in the picture.

Keeper lived for the game of flyball.  While she could race anywhere on the team, she usually ran in the start position.  If she saw that the dog in the next lane was ahead of her, Keeper would kick her speed up a notch so that she would win.  She was NOT going to lose!!!

She lived with her mother, Mar and her brother, Steven; both of whom played flyball.  Keeper saw no reason why Lynn wanted to play flyball with them.  Lynn was to play flyball with HER and only HER.  One time Keeper got so PO’ed that Lynn had taken one of the other dogs to play, that she ripped apart her soft-sided crate.  She was caught by a teammate before she could get to the racing lanes.  Lynn came back to the crating area to find Keeper in a hard-sided crate. It wasn’t long before a sign was placed on the the crate that said  “BAD DOG CRATE”.  That sign remained on Keeper’s hard crate for several tournaments.

Keeper spent her retirement from flyball complaining to Lynn that the kitten, Olivia, has stolen her ball.  Again!

Rest in Peace, Keep.

Keeper crossed the bridge with Lynn on December 3, 2013.