Handler: Tina and Bryan Kennerly
Breed:   Border Collie
First Flyball Title:   2009
SunnyBear came to us from the Border Collie Rescue of California. He is a tri- color border collie, born on 12-30-07, with a love for tennis balls.

We joined FastFourward’s Flyball team after being tracked down on Fiesta Island by Karen and Tricia. They came running over when they saw SunnyBear retrieving his tennis ball like a pro at only 7 months old. Sunny wasn’t old enough to race at the time but we came to practice and just fell in love with the sport. I think he has actually learned his day’s of the week, come Wednesday…he’s so excited and full of energy for practice. He tries to just wag his tail but than the butt starts wiggling and the whole body gets going and it’s all over from there.

SunnyBear ran his first singles and team event at the Ramona tournament in March 2009 and actually earned enough points for his 1st award. His fastest time was 4.7, we were so proud!

I don’t know who’s more excited for the next tournament, SunnyBear or Bryan and I. 



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