Patchwork's I Only Have Eyes For You "Riley"

Handler: Karen Leopold
Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd
First Flyball Title: 2005
Bio: Riley is a miniature Australian Shepherd born March 5, 2004.  He has been playing flyball since puppyhood and continues to be one of our most reliable team dogs.  Riley may not be super fast, but he always does his job.  He serves as a great U-fli height dog, jumping 8 inches.  He currently has the honor of having the most Ufli points on our team with Pudge hot on his tail-oh wait, he doesn't have a tail!  He was the first dog to reach his Top Flight Premier title in March 2009.  Riley loves the beach, swimming, the ball, FOOD, kids and his mom-way too much.  He can be a mean little man when it comes to other dogs, but lives mostly in peace with "sisters" Libby and Winnie.  He has spooky blue eyes, a beautiful merle coat and he is the perfect size.  He is also an accomplished agility dog and excellent hiking companion.  We love to travel to away flyball tourneys and to our favorite place, dog camp in Lake Tahoe every June.  Riley got me into flyball and I owe him so much for the friends and fun flyball adds to my life.


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