Maverick "Maverick"

Handler: Jill Paterson
Breed: Border Collie
First Flyball Title: 2008
Fastest Singles Time: 5.130
Bio: Maverick is a tri-color border collie and joined Fast Fourward at the end of 2007. He immediately loved all of his new friends and caught onto the sport quickly. You might not believe it, but Maverick has gone to obedience training every weekend since he was 4 months old.

You'll often find his owners chasing him around the flyball course, trying to catch him.

His first tournament was in April 2008, when he ran singles like a semi-pro. His first team performance will be in May 2008. He loves Frisbee, playing catch in the house, going to the beach and playing "find the kong". He really does not like playground swings, motorcycles or resting. His typical border collie herding behavior can get him into trouble sometimes, especially with dogs who don't appreciate being made to stay in a circle.

In the next year, Maverick will pick a side of the box and perfect his box turn. He'll also be working on his confidence, which will gain him some speed to help his team break a team record.

Most of all, Maverick loves Flyball!


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