Lock Eye Liberty Belle "Libby"

Handler: Karen Leopold
Breed: Border Collie
First Flyball Title: 2008
Fastest Singles Time: 4.553
Bio:Libby is a Border Collie born February 12th, 2007.  She started flyball as soon as she stepped off the plane from Oklahoma.  I got her in hopes of having a really fast, really crazy flyball dog and that is exactly what I got.  It was alot of work to get her to where she is now.  It was a team effort to break her chasing and herding insticts and to overcome alot of fear, but we did it . She now runs on our A team in the # 2 spot, completely focused on Pudge as her start dog.  She has a 4.3 record time and can do some insane passing with her fave teamates.  She and Cleo are little divas.  They have prerace conversations that look and sound nasty!  She will rip up tape from the mats, bite Jake, Tine, me and anyone who gets in her way of racing.  I have scars to prove it.  She goes from shy little girl to bucking bronco out there.  She is finally becoming more social at age 2.  She has fabulous prick ears and the Lock-Eye stare to go with them.  Libby may be a wild girlie on the flyball course, but at home she is sweet and well behaved.  She loves the beach, her toys, swimming, running anywhere she can and most of all the dogs and people who are hers to watch over.


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