Fools for Flyball 3/31/07 - 4/1/07

Fast Fourward had another great weekend of racing at this tournament, hosted by Catchers on the Fly. We all enjoyed the perfect weather at the Skydance Ranch. It was a relaxing atmosphere, out in the country and surrounded by farmland. Many of our team dogs achieved higher levels on their titles, and Pogo earned his TF title. Summer ran her last tournament for the team, she is retiring from flyball racing. We also had a chance to see Lauren's horses who reside at the ranch. The team is having a puppy "baby boom," and several members had puppies and new dogs attending the tournament. Great racing, everyone!

New Titles!

Sam earned his TFE-III for reaching 7,000 points
Laredo, Minnie and Spirit earned their TFE-I for reaching 4,000 points
Harley, Makaso, Remi and Stella earned their TF-III for reaching 1,000 points
Durango and Sonny earned their TF-II for reaching 750 points
Sedona and Sierra earned their TF-I for reaching 500 points 
Pogo earned his TF for earning 100 points

Enjoy the pictures (Please click to enlarge) 
Photographers: Sally, Christine and Beau

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Fast Fourward Flyball Team 2007
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