Good Times in Globe
March 3, 2007

Melissa sent an email to the team saying dress for wind, and she was not kidding. A check of the online stats for the weather yesterday revealed that the winds reached up to 33 mph, with the range from 20-30 all day, whew! But that's just another day of racing for Fast Fourward. We had a fun albeit cold day. Drake the Italian Greyhound ran a few clean run in singles, and he never crossed over once! Sage the new Jack Russell puppy experienced her first flyball trial and Tucker another Jack Russell, who may be a new addition to the team, spent the day with us. And aside from a few collisions the racing went well. :) Since it was a small tournament, we also finished racing before the sun went down!!! Hope everyone had a great time! Also a big thank you to Beau for box loading all day!

New Titles

Barley and Skyler earned their TF-II for reaching 750 points
Joey earned his TFE for reaching 2,500 points
Sonny and Stella earned their TF for reaching 100 points
Trip earned his TFE-I for reaching 4,000 points

Enjoy the pictures (Please click to enlarge) 
Also thank you to Melissa for helping take pictures!

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Fast Fourward Flyball Team 2007
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