Wags for Wishes 2007

The biggest most comprehensive dog show on the West Coast has come and gone. Thank you to Catchers on the Fly for hosting such a wonderful tournament again this year. I am sure that everyone who came had a great time. The estimated attendance was 10,000 to 12,000 people! Flyball teams from all over came to play with their dogs and this year flyball brought in over $6,000 for the Make a Wish foundation. The total donation to the Make a Wish foundation this year from the entire event was about $130,000.00!! Way to go!!

On Saturday our "B Team" placed 3rd in their division and on Sunday the "A Team" went home with 2nd place and the "C Team" went home with 4th. Quite a few dogs earned new titles over the two day tournament, and those are listed below. Congrats to everyone who earned a new title!

On Saturday our "A Team" consisting of Vegas, Pudge, Trip and Brady broke the club record with a run of 19.86 seconds, but unfortunately we "broke out" for the division and the time will not count. 

We also debuted the new team shirts, which from what I heard received lots of compliments.

Riley earned his TFE-II for reaching 5,500 points
Sunshine earned her TFE-I for reaching 4,000 points
April, Barley and Skyler all earned their TFE for reaching 2,500 points
Sammy and Sonny earned their TF-III for reaching 1,000 points
Sedona earned her TF-II for reaching 750 points
Misha earned her TF-I for reaching 500 points 

Well enjoy the pictures! Photo credits go to Jessica and Lauren

Fast Fourward Flyball Team 2007
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