Dogz Rule! was formed in 2004 by a small group of flyball enthusiasts who believe that flyball can be fun and competitive. We work hard but play even harder - just ask fellow flyballers Electric Dawg or Texas Twisters! (We still don't know who put your banners in the bathroom - promise!)

The Vision of Dogz Rule is to Improve Canine and Human Performance in the Flyball Ring Through the Following Practices:

  1. Remembering that flyball is a game we play with our dogs and to do our best to make sure everyone is having fun while promoting the sport through classes, demonstrations, practices and tournaments.
  2. Always striving to compete successfully. We race with team precision as a goal while setting an example of team spirit and camaraderie towards our teammates, competitors and prospective flyball participants
  3. Consistently working as a team to understand and provide for each dog’s individual needs to ensure their fullest potential is reached while understanding that each dog is different and treating them as such
  4. Educating ourselves in the latest training techniques as well as emphasizing the importance of “continued training” for all dogs and handlers both new and veteran so that we can be the best we can be as a team as well as individuals

oh yeah . . . and don't forget . . .

To Beat Our Competition into Bloody Submission