Picture of Wichita

Driving from Wichita Falls one rainy Sunday afternoon, I saw a small puppy running down the highway. After barely being missed by a speeding car, the puppy threw himself against the rail of the bridge terrified by the passing cars.

After stopping and turning away several times, he made up his mind and headed straight into my arms from 30 feet away. My friends and I wrapped his thin, wet, tick covered body in a towel and he screamed for 5 minutes until he fell asleep on my lap.

Wichita is a perfect lovable, mild-mannered housemate. He never does anything wrong. But, walk into an agility or flyball arena . . . he transforms into a wild dog, frothing at the mouth and barking nonstop, ready to take control of the field. There's no question which way Wichita is heading.

Wichita was owned by Kim and loved by all. See Wichita's NAFA titles.